Vision 願景:

Lives up your Dream and Make the World Dance
燃點夢想,  世界共嗚

Mission 宗旨:
Empower everyone to achieve Financial Freedom , make Dreams come true , and enhance an Excellence Life
帶領每一位達致財務自由 , 追求自己夢想,  創造豐盛人生

Core-vaules 核心價值:
WEALTH is not measured by " much money we earned or how success we are...."
It should be ......."How much VALUES we can be created to the people to GROW and RESONATE everyone to a better place....."

Objectives: 目標
1. Enhance people' Financial Quotient through  RE-EDUCATION
通過 再教育  提升我們的財商知識

2. Lives people' dreams through ACTIONs
通過 行動  燃點我們的夢想

3. Resonate our World to a better place through SERVING 
通過 服務他人  達至世界共鳴 

嘉許推薦 Testimonial

........... After the explanation of Finance Freedom (FF) by Everest, thus I knew that "FF" is important to me, hence my time can be flexible to arrange between work and my children. I understood and agreed that we should make/ creative our own machine to run the funding automatically with a good system, therefore we can free our time to put into practice and step closer to our final DREAM! I hope my own machine can support my family to leave Hong Kong and adventure around the world !

Purdey Ngan

Jacky' family


由籌備結婚,買樓,生小朋友,      每一個階段都離不開錢 。夫妻之間  話題難免會為錢而煩惱。上了Everest 的課程後,我和Jacky都覺得理財變得好玩有趣,夫妻間又多了共同話題,對夢想充滿期待和計劃。對理財概念有180度轉變!

Chris Hui 





如何從現在穩定的「辛勞」    收入轉化創造成「被動」收入,課後有感:原來有些事比金錢更重要。



…….此計劃表面上是教導小朋友如何通過儲蓄去達成目標,但後期發覺並不如此那麼簡單。發現小朋友在個人品格培養上及紀律上有著明顯的改變,他開始關心及明白父母辛勞工作,主動分擔家務工作…..買東西前總會想清楚是 “想要” 還是”需要”等等…..